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Do You Need to Sell Raw Land That’s Just Sitting There, Costing You Money?

 There are many reasons why landowners may want to sell their property in California:

  • To avoid foreclosure because of back due taxes.
  • To stop paying property taxes on a property that never gets used.
  • To get rid of unattractive, undesirably vacant land in the middle of nowhere.
  • When a real estate agent has the property on the market for months and it still won’t sell.
  • When property owners inherit vacant land and they have no use for it.

We Will Make an Offer on Any Piece of Land, No Matter the Situation! We Are Interested in ALL Property Types.

GoldSoil Realty Investments, LLC is ready to make you an offer on your raw, vacant, or bare land today!

It doesn’t matter what kind of land property you have, where it’s located or why you want to sell. We are interested in agricultural, rural, residential or commercial properties throughout the US. If you’re serious about selling and want to avoid any hassle or obligation selling it yourself, we are prepared to give you a cash offer, At GoldSoil, our mission is to help landowners across the country that don’t want or can’t afford their parcel of vacant land.

Give us a call now for a fast and fair offer! 1-512-690-4741

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • Did you have plans to retire in this area, but changed your mind and now feel stuck with your property?
  • Do you live too far away from your property to get good use out of it?
  • Did you inherit your property, but have no practical use for it?
  • Are you tired of paying property taxes for a property that is underused?
  • Have you tried to sell your property, but found it difficult to find a qualified buyer who would follow through?
  • Did you buy your property thinking the value would go up, only to see its value go down?
  • Are you keeping your property because selling it sounds like too much of a hassle?
  • Do you enjoy your property but need some quick cash?

If you are familiar with ANY of the circumstances recorded above, we are ready to make a competitive offer on your land.

We invest in properties everywhere throughout the United States and WE WANT TO MAKE AN OFFER ON YOUR PROPERTY. We aren’t realtors and we aren’t requesting that you list your property with us. Instead, we will purchase your property now and provide you with the financial compensation you deserve.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Fast transactions– We close quickly! We know your time is valuable and we want to relieve you from the burden of your property as soon as possible.
  • We pay CASH– You will not have to deal with any loan contingencies, banks or other annoying delays.
  • We pay ALL closing costs and fees (including paying your back taxes) – Absolutely NO money will be asked of you. We will cover everything.
  • No agency contracts– We are not listing your property to sell. We want to buy your property outright, with no financing contingencies.
  • Quick and easy sale process– We’ll make the transaction process as easy as possible. With just a few signatures, you can get fast cash in exchange for your unwanted real estate.
  • No stress– Selling your property should be a stress free process. Let us do all the heavy lifting for you!


These Are Some of The Stressful Situations We Take Care of For You

Selling a piece of land can be stressful and exhausting. Here are some of the ways we can help ease the process:

  • We void expensive code infringement.
  • No expensive specialists or forced arrangements!
  • We purchase land in California AS-IS, so you don’t have to pay out-of-pocket for expensive work like timber work, fixes, transfer of trash.
  • Selling acquired land and selling land in probate.
  • We deal with the whole process—no trouble or hassle for you!

How to Sell Vacant Land Yourself in California

If you own land and you’re wondering “how to sell my land myself“, you have a couple of choices. In this blog post you’ll read about what your choices are, and how to know which choice is best for you.

Here’s The Most Common Way To Sell Vacant Land Yourself…

The most common choice that land sellers have is to sell through a real estate agent. Agents will list your property and find buyers for it, and then negotiate on your behalf and help you with the paperwork.

Problem is, many property owners discover that there aren’t a lot of land buyers, and few real estate agents are truly “experts” in buying and selling land. As well, if an agent is able to find a buyer, you will have to pay commissions to the agent, which can get quite expensive.

Another choice is for sellers to sell land themselves. You do the same work as the agent and are able to save the commission that you’d have to pay the agent, ultimately pocketing a little more cash than if you sold the traditional way.

But many of the same problems exist here, too: Land sellers who choose to sell their land themselves soon find that there really aren’t a lot of vacant land buyers out there. The average person just doesn’t buy vacant land.

Fortunately, there is a solution and it’s one that we at GoldSoil Realty Investments, LLC can help with so click here now to get in touch with us if you’d like to learn “how to sell my vacant land myself”

Option #2: Sell Your Raw Land To Us – We’re Cash Land Buyers

Here’s the third option – and the option that most people aren’t even aware of. Instead of listing your property (either through an agent or on your own) you can simply sell your property directly to a land-buying company (like what we do here at GoldSoil Realty Investments, LLC). Selling this way allows you to quickly dispose of your land, put money in your pocket, and still avoid paying commissions that you’d normally have to pay to an agent.

Sellers view this third option as a superior strategy because of the following reasons:

It’s faster – a land buying company that buys land directly from a seller can know right away if the land is right for them, and a good land company can usually get the funding right away. There’s no listing and there’s no showing the land to many prospective buyers.

It costs less – an agent will charge commissions but most land buying companies won’t charge anything.

It’s far less work – listing your property can be a lot of work, even if an agent does it. But selling your vacant land directly to a land-buying company can give you a rapid close so you can walk away from the land when you want to.

Looking how to sell my land myself? Look no further than a land buying company. Although few sellers are even aware that this option exists, they’re pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy it is to sell their land when they learn about it.

The pros and cons of the top 3 methods of selling land

We are here to help you make an informed choice. That’s why we’ve prepared this brief guide to help you determine if express land is a fit for your situation.

Selling your property using an agent in California:

Selling the property with the use of an agent is the most costly way to sell your land in California, but depending on your situation, it is possibly the best option. If your land is in good condition, you don’t have any urgency to sell, or you don’t want to sell the land yourself, this maybe the best option for you.

Pros: You don’t have to market the property yourself, and don’t have to deal with annoying paperwork. Plus, this is the best way of getting fair market value for your property.

Cons: This method usually takes longer, (about 6-12 months depending on location and market conditions) and is the most expensive way to sell your property. You should expect to pay about 10% to 15% of the total transaction value after commissions, any customer concessions, escrow expenses, and retaining fees. (taxes, insurance, mortgage hobby).

Timeline: You a timeline of approximately 6 – 12 months, depending on market conditions.

Selling the property yourself (FSBO) :

Promoting fsbo is very difficult and time-consuming, but can save you money. If you’re not in a hurry, and are familiar with the method of advertising and selling vacant land, and your land is in incredible form, this might be a good option for you. If you’re promoting your raw land to a retail buyer, expect that people will be very picky about your property.

Pros: You’ll save money. This is the least expensive approach to promoting property.

Cons: FSBO’s commonly take the longest to sell. You should anticipate 6 months up to 2 years, depending on market conditions. Additionally, if you aren’t great with sales or knowledgeable about the process, this is a tough route to take.

Timeline: Expect to sell your land within 6 to 24 months, depending on the market.


Selling to a Cash Buyer:

If your house needs some work, or you simply want a smooth transaction, selling to a “we buy land in California” organization is the way to go. Selling to a cash buyer is often the best way to sell a property. Cash buyers are usually the quickest option, since they can buy without inspections and appraisals. Additionally, cash buyers are not like retail shoppers, who are pickier, and require inspections, value determinations, and extra time. Be aware that cash buyers hardly ever can pay complete market value for your home.

Pros: Selling to a “we buy land in California” business can get you cash quicker. No waiting on banks. No inspections. No appraisals. All you have to do is promote “as-is” without placing one penny into fixing the place up.

Cons: Cash buyers rarely pay complete retail price.

Timeline: Usually within 7-30 days.

Each way of selling has its benefits and disadvantages. Make sure to evaluate your situation and decide what method is best for you.

Benefits of Working With GoldSoil Realty

While the majority of real estate investors focus on buying houses, GoldSoil Realty specializes in buying land. We provide the best experience when you need to sell land fast in California. Read more to learn the benefits of working with us.

At GoldSoil Realty Investments, LLC, We Cut Out The Middleman by Purchasing Your Property Directly

No commissions, no fees, no hassles, no gimmicks. We make you an offer, you decide if it’s a fit for you or not.  It’s as simple as that.

From there, we can close on your terms. Because we pay you directly, there is no need to wait on banks, no need to figure commissions and no closing costs or hidden fees will be paid by you. We take care of everything. What we offer you is what you will walk away with.  Learn Just How Easy Our Process Is →

We Can Even Help When Others Can’t Or Won’t

It does not matter what condition your property is in, or if there are any issues like back taxes, code violations, or legal problems to solve. If you need to sell land fast, you can count on GoldSoil Realty to give you a fair cash offer for your land within just 2 days. We guarantee that we close as fast as possible if you ask us to—no unnecessary delays, no hassles, no uncertainty.

We have helped land owners in the following situations by buying land for cash:

  • Foreclosure
  • Relocation
  • Job Loss
  • Divorce
  • Inherited Land
  • Behind On taxes
  • Behind On Payments
  • Tax Lien
  • Tax Deed
  • Code Violations
  • Probate Property
  • Death In Family
  • Land In Undeveloped Subdivisions
  • Land Locked Property
  • Tough To Sell Desert Land
  • Land Not Selling For Months
  • Expired Listing

We Are Looking For Rural Acreage, Water Lots, Advertising Lots, Suburban Lots, City Lots, Ranches, Farms & Agricultural Land.

We are interested in agricultural, rural, residential or commercial properties throughout California. If you’re curious about selling and want to avoid any hassle or obligation selling it yourself, give us a call now for a fast and fair offer! 1512-690-4741

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When you are buying and selling lots and land, working directly with us is often the best way to go. Agents don’t typically put in the time or energy that they’d put into selling a house. Comparatively, the commissions are low, and the land market is slow.

When a parcel is listed on the MLS, the price is often inflated to cover commissions and other fees that will offset the seller’s profit. Typically there is less money and less effort put into marketing a piece of land, so it ends up sitting there, with the price being slashed time and time again.

We are land specialists. We will give you a fair price for your property and have the knowledge, patience and overall fortitude to help you reach your real estate goals. We will not make you wait around while we try to get financing, we are ready to buy today, and we don’t want to waste your time with unnecessary banks, agents, fees, and costs.

We want you to know that you can sell your property quickly and for a great price!

To get started, all we need from you is some basic information about your land using the form below. Or, if you prefer to call and discuss your property first, give us a call! 1-512-690-4741

We will review the property and make you an all cash offer. If you accept, we can close fast and on YOUR schedule. There is never any hassle, just a simple offer… you can take it or leave it, it’s up to you!

Are You Ready To Sell Your California Land? We Are Ready To Buy!

Do you ever ask yourself, “how am I able to sell my land quickly”? The answer is GoldSoil. We buy your raw land that’s simply sitting there, costing you money. Stop dealing with unwanted rural land, and quickly sell your inherited lot in California.

We want you to know that you can sell your property quickly and for a great price!

To get started, all we need from you is a few simple statistics about your land the use of the form under. Or, if you prefer to call and discuss your property first, give us a call! 1-512-690-4741

We will review your assets and make you an all-cash offer. There is never any trouble, just an easy process and a fair offer!